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5ª Gama

Productos de Quinta Gama

Spanish gastronomy counts with several meals to supply energy between the main meal times. It is believed that, traditionally, these meals were originated for those workers whose energy needed to be recovered more frequently, like farmers, whose daily effort is considerable and incessant. Moreover, tapas do not constitute a main meal, but a starter or a hors d'oeuvre to nibble.

Making use of the same process utilized for fifth range products, we can extend the life of our products even more by freezing and preserving the food at temperatures under -18ºC. This way, the expiring date of the products extends several months (depending on the power of your freezer).



You will find the most popular tapas below:

-Meatballs, chicken wings, snails, chorizo with potatoes, mushroom cocktail, samosa combo, small-bags combo, chicken croquettes, dates with bacon, loin with pisto (some sort of ratatouille), pork sausage with broad beans, crab thighs, chicken with garlic, griddled cuttlefish, cuttlefish with onion, potato omelet, crunchy vegetables.


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