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5ª Gama

Productos de Quinta Gama

Our enterprise includes services such as making and distributing fifth range products for catering. Our fifth range products are the result of the application of new technologies in gastronomy, which allow you to enjoy a variety of meals ready to eat in a few minutes. We provide our services in every province of the Spanish peninsula and also in the Balearic Islands in less than 48 hours. Our products (rice, meat, fish, pasta, etc.) are all homemade. We use a packaging system which includes inert gas and provides our dishes with an expiring date between 17 and 20 days, if you keep them refrigerated. With the freezing system the life of our products extends up to several months.



Our system facilitates the management of your business:

  • Shrinkage risk reduction.
  • Personnel cost reduction.
  • Reduction of the waiting time for clients with an increase of table rotation, also increasing the profitability.
  • Reduction of the time spent in shopping.

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